"Enterprises that are not auditing their telecommunications invoices are forfeiting an extra 10% or more of their network services spending to the network service providers (NSPs). Historical audits recover overpayment, identify stranded assets and increase budget efficiency." 
-Al Cullen, Gartner


Abandon outdated, labor-intensive manual processes, opting for automated services management solutions.

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IT Services

We can be your complete IT service management solution, supporting and monitoring your network, proactively managing your technology, providing professional services, and dispensing end-user support.  

Telecom Expense Management

Fully integrated, patented Telecom Expense Management software product, CircuitPro.

Ensuring Productivity Outside the Office!

TSR's Telework roll-out initiatives can provide support for the 2010 Telework Enhancement Act by:

  • Auditing existing teleworker broadband Internet service (i.e., cable, DSL, and fiber optics).
  • Creating and maintaining an accurate and up-to-date asset inventory.
  • Ordering and provisioning new telework hardware and software.
  • Provisioning high speed broadband services.
  • Supporting full time and part time teleworkers.
  • Allowing Agencies to be up and running no matter what the weather, traffic, or even a pandemic!

TSR's Help Desk Acts As A Single Point of Communication and Connection for All Service Requests Within an Organization!


Our first and second tier services provide support for logging, tracking, resolution and reporting of Help Desk incidents and service requests.  Our Help Desk activities focus on restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible and minimizing the adverse impact on business operations, ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained.

Telecom Bill Auditing

Telecom expense management is the second largest controllable cost for most enterprises